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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Simple Things...

I was hanging laundry out to dry the other day and watched as my 1 year old ignored all of his toys.  Instead he ran back and forth through the hanging blankets, having a blast.  I was suddenly hit with the memory of doing the same thing when I was little.  I also remember how fun it was.  Who needs cool electronic gadgets when you have hanging sheets?  My 3 year old and I also had spaceship races between them. 

Horray for fun AND saving money on my electric bill!   

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Duh" Moment of the Day

I was just sitting at the computer looking up some information for a trip I'm making out of town and wondered where the heck my 1 year old was.  I knew he hadn't gone upstairs to visit daddy so I thought maybe his sister had taken him to the backyard to dig in my (attempted) herb garden.  I got up to grab my shoes and finally it clicked- I had been nursing him the whole time.  Wow!  Sometimes I just don't know where my brain is!!   

Can I blame this on Friday the 13th? 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

DaGeDar: Supercharged Battle Balls!

They are collectable, you can race them, you can battle them, they come in cool designs ("radical racers")...what more could a kid want??! 
The just-launched DaGeDar Supercharged Battle Balls ( ) will be coming to stores this summer.  It has the excitement of racing tracks (we have many of those in our house- K'Nex, Hot Wheels and we even have a cool marble track but you can't race them) combined with the fun of social collection and competition (like Pokemon).  Awesome! 

With 3 young boys (and a girl) in my house we are always looking for exciting and challenging new toys that don't involve the television.  This is definitely a toy to keep the boys busy!! 

Check out this neat commercial about DeGeDar Battle Balls.  It had my 9 year old son oohing and aaaahing, jumping up and down and pleading for them for his summer birthday!  He was especially interested in the variety of racers.  He loves to trade with his friends and these BEG to be traded.  It's a unique twist on cards.  I was a pog and slap-band kid so I recall the lure! 

*I blogged about this product not only for a chance to WIN them from MomSelect but because the idea is fantastic!  It's already been added to my son's 10th birthday wish list!!