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Monday, December 20, 2010

RedGage- Make Some Extra Money

I signed up for RedGage a year ago and then immediately abandoned it. Last night I decided to give it another go and logged into my profile.

RedGage is a site where you can make some extra money doing what you already do- sharing your passions with the world. With a few clicks you can share your blog, photos, videos and more. They even have some simple (seriously- even I figured it out!) tools to import content. You can import from Youtube, Flickr, Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter!  I played around and managed to get a few things set up.  I was having some difficulty getting certain sites imported, not because it's hard but because it just wasn't going through.  After a few tries it worked. 

Every time you share something with the RedGage community you can earn money.  The more your content is viewed and rated, the more your earning potential. You also have the opportunity to have your content featured which may give you a bonus. It's not much but every little bit helps, right?  Payment can be requested when you reach $25.  You are paid via a RedGage Visa.   

Earnings are easy to follow- earnings are displayed on individual content. You'll know what content is making you the most money which is really neat!

Head on over to RedGage and sign up to make the most of your time.  Look for me when you get there!  My RedGage user name is Arose.  Please share your experiences- good or bad (and YOUR RedGage name) in the comments!  I'd love to connect and help you out as well :)

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