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Saturday, November 16, 2013

First Day of School Happened a While Ago

And finally I'm getting around to acknowledging that fact.  7th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten (sniff) and preschool (3 year old class).  

It took a lot of work to get Zach's face (and not his neck) to look at the camera.  He even sort of smiled.  Success!!  Amara rarely fails to strike the right pose so her picture was easy enough.  Jonas got to meet his principal and learned that he can choose whether the principal is his pal.  He and Amara also graced me with some goofy photos.  Always gotta have those.  Henry had his own poses in mind and I willingly went along with them when he willingly smiled.  

 Did anyone else take a million years to share their first day photos?  At least I got them posted in the right calendar year.

York, PA Families: Christmas Magic 2013: A Festival of Lights at Rock...

York, PA Families: Christmas Magic 2013: A Festival of Lights at Rock...: Via: Rocky Ridge County Park kicks off the holi...

Our girl scout troop decorated a tree for this last year.  Cold fun!  We don't usually go because we like to keep our adventures below $30-ish for the whole family but I'd totally go if I just had one of my kiddos around. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I am alive, I am least healthy.  I just keep blogging in my head and then I forget to write it down.  That's what I get for thinking in the shower.  I'll be back eventually.