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About Me

Whenever I talk about myself I usually end up talking about everything BUT myself.  This is no exception.  I always end up talking about my kids because they are my life.  

My name is Alex (Alexandra) and I'm a 30-something mama.  Jason is my hubby.  We've been together since 2001.  We both grew up in South Central Pennsylvania (where we currently reside).  I have 4 kids: Zachary, Amara, Jonas and Henry.
Jason is a computer geek (inside and outside the home), loves video games, food, most of the same tv shows I do and naps.   
Zachary is my oldest, a new teenager!  He loves building (with Lego, of course), Minecraft, Youtube Videos, music and arguing  debating everything.  He wants to be a writer or a Youtuber when he grows up.  He is way smarter than I am in Math.  That's not hard to accomplish, but he seriously amazes me when I see his work.  
Amara is my only girl.  She is way too good at everything she sets her mind on doing.  She saw people riding a bike so she taught herself in about 2 hours when she was a young 5.  If she loves it, she will do it and do it well.  (Yes, I am hopeful to be on her future campaign for president!)  Her personality clashes with itself; she likes to dig in the dirt while wearing heels, makeup and an adorable dress.  She has a fiery temper, but with it is a fiercely protective side.  She is nothing like I expected from a daughter of mine, and I wouldn't change her for the world.     
Jonas is my middle boy and he wants to make sure no one forgets that he exists.  My only leftie, he has one volume and has the most unique personality.  He is different in every way.  Picture that little girl hanging upside down on the ballet bar while all of the other kids are in place, hair proper and doing what they're told.  That's Jo. He is sweet, caring and so generous but you'll never find out unless he lets you into his circle. He is a lot to handle for people but he tries hard to be accepted.  He loves everything Zach does.
Henry is my baby.  He's cuddly, sweet such a gentleman (he holds doors for his sister and me) and so, so bright.  He has the best "rememory" I've ever seen in a little kid!  His loves are the same as those of his big brothers.  He also loves Superman and owns around 5 Superman shirts.  He's quite a picky dresser!  He likes the other superheroes too, but not as much as Superman.  When he started talking he loved singing "Pat-a-Cake", only instead of "put it in the oven for baby and me" he would say, "Put in oven for backetball hoop!".  It's probably my favorite thing he ever did.  

Back to me.  I love reading, writing, talking, exploring, movies and tv, spending time with my family, food and a million other things.  I live on the outskirts of a small city (not quite the suburbs though), with the tiniest back yard and only one bathroom.  My dream home would have gorgeous wood floors (or good imitations), the biggest wraparound porch, a big backyard, 4 or more climbing trees (so each kid could have one to call their own) and a body of water within view of the window over my kitchen sink.  Of course, this dream home would be surrounded by great neighbors, because I get lonely and love company. 
I also blog at  It's, obviously, a blog for families in York, Pennsylvania.  If it's free or cheap, fun and family-friendly I share it with my readers.  Not very useful if you don't live nearby but very useful to those that do!  
What else...I'm a stay-at-home mom, pto volunteer, I love water and coffee, I'm very nervous around people I don't know, very shy.  I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I get lots of headaches, love to wear comfy clothes and sneakers are my favorite footwear.  I hate my teeth and legs, especially my calves and I'm very insecure about myself.  You'll rarely find a photo with me in it.