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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jonas Says...

Jonas is all about numbers lately.  Usually he is 2 years old (wrong) and after some jogging the memory he is 3 (correct).  He has also said he's 3 and a half which is not quite true.    Yesterday he said his bike is 3 and a half years old.  Today he said one of my arms was 7 long and the other was 2 inches.  He really loves to measure things.  I think he gets it from his big brother Zachary, the future engineer.

Daddy and Jonas celebrating 32 and 3

While I'm on the topic of my 3rd child, I have to thank wonderful people at One2One Network for informing me that Power Rangers were back (though really they never left).  My son is OBSESSED with them.  He is constantly asking to watch Power Rangers because he wants to fight bad guys.  He punches and kicks along with them during the shows and invites me to help.  The goofy antics of Bulk and Spike crack him up without fail.  He says the Purple Ranger is his favorite (funny, I haven't seen him or her, lol) and loves to talk about the bad guys and their "bad choice[s]".  Power Rangers really is a great show.  

I am really happy to say that Jo is becoming a book lover like his mama.  He even has favorites, like books about trucks, cars and dinosaurs.  He loves to invite me to compare with him his dinosaurs with the photos in his books to see if we can find a match.  He also loves Lion King books.  

Jo's favorite dinosaur book

I'm also proud to announce that this stubborn wild child is finally getting into potty-training mode.  At 3???  Yeah, he's STUBBORN.  I'm not a huge fan of bribing though I read that bribing when a meltdown is not involved is usually totally fine.  But for this child and this situation I am fully embracing the bribe.  He loves video and computer games.  Since those are a privilage that he can EARN I thought they would be most appropriate for helping with training.  So whenever he goes he can usually have immediate positive reinforcement by being allowed to play for a little while.  If he has an accident the gaming is put on hold until he tries again.  In the morning he has to at least try before any video or computer games are played.  It's my way of limiting the computer and video games that I don't really approve of him playing while still allowed them to be played, which hubby thinks should be unlimited (CRAZY man).  So it's a good compromise for the kiddo and us parents while relieving us of the horror of 3-year old diaper changes.  And I like that he can see his attempts being rewarded in a way that he loves.  It may not be the best way but I'm finally getting him to try!         

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  1. Brian only became fully potty trained at 3 too. I know a lot of people think it is improper but we just had him go commando for a little bit and he stopped peeing because there was nothing that felt like a diaper and he didn't want to get his pants wet. Now he is good to go and very few accidents and it was worth the judgement from others.