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Thursday, March 24, 2011


In less than one week this boy...

Will be ONE!

No more baby :(  

The last few weeks have certainly been trying and if I didn't know any better I'd swear I had a child entering the "terrible twos" phase!  It started with mini tantrums.  As far as a tantrum goes, it was absolutely laughable- Henry wanted something and couldn't have it so he would proceed to gently lie his head on the ground then writhe silently on the floor.  This (wonderful) tantrum quickly progressed over the next few days to some loud protesting, head-thumping and throwing his head back so that if no one was there to catch him he ended up on the floor.  Not something I'd expect from an almost-one year old (*sniff*).  He has been sleeping less and clinging more (to me, and sometimes ONLY me).  Which has led to some serious grumpiness (from both mom and babe).  I don't mind cuddling most of the day but when you're trying to cut chicken and stir something on the stove while your child is screaming at your feet with his arms wrapped around your leg...for the THIRD time that starts to get a little frustrating!  And I really really REALLY beg the sleep Gods to please keep him asleep until after I get the kids to school.  And while I enjoy grumpy company, I simply need a few minutes to shower, feed the older two and get at least the oldest out the door.  Wake up then and we can have a super duper happy and calm morning, just the two of us (until the Tasmanian Devil, AKA Jonas wakes up!).  And the hitting thing really needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP.  His brother, the dog, his brother...Jonas can only take so much!    

It hasn't been all bad.  He's been getting really good at talking.  I might be the only one that understands "dud" and "deent" but he's been picking up a few hand gestures and signs to accompany his language so soon others might understand too!  "Mama" is always loud and clear.  When he sees dad he whispers, "dadadada".  If he picks up a ball and starts murmuring- watch out!  He's actually saying, "throw" or "catch" and he likely won't wait for you to be ready!!  He LOOOOVES being outside.  Not being able to go outside elicits some serious tears.  With age he has grown a mega mop of soft hair that curls when it's wet.  There will be no first birthday haircut- I'm enjoying this!  When he's anticipating something like a tickle he giggles like crazy and it's so funny to watch and hear and always makes me laugh too.  When I'm sitting on the floor I'm a target for dive bomb hugs that come with a huge laugh and are always welcome.  

And have you ever seen a baby that loves the Sit 'n' Spin?        

Just shy of 7 months


This love started at almost 7 months and has continued since.  He visits it on an almost daily basis!

The countdown has begun!  Am I ready?  Yes and no.  This is my last baby and it's just not the same when it's not your own.  I look at my oldest, who will be TEN this year, and wonder where the time went.  But it's going to happen so I might as well enjoy the ride!

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