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Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Henry's Latest Milestones (9 Months)

Yesterday, January 6, 2011 Henry started blowing bubbles.  Not actually blowing them but making the noise, sort of like a raspberry but with his lips instead of his tongue.  We did it back and forth- what a fun game!  He is still a big fan of clapping and an even bigger fan of making ME clap.  He laughs so much when he makes me clap.  It's very cute!  He also likes to play Pat A Cake over and over and over again.  But only the clapping, rolling, patting and pointing (to You and Me).  Marking it and putting it in the oven make him mad, lol!  We play this game often.  Another fun game is growling.  He really has fun growling at us.  A grinning, growling baby is a funny sight indeed!! 

I think Henry's most favorite game of all is climbing the stairs.  Our stairs are built so that no matter what he can at least get on the first step.  With a gate there it likely that he could fall easier, right onto our gravity furnace (yes, we still have one of THOSE!) grate that sits in between the living and dining rooms.  So when I do have the gate up it's after the landing (which is two steps).  He likes to climb down the stairs too but hasn't mastered that skill.  Over the holiday he had some great stairs to play on and was trying to climb up and down all weekend!  He will also race up the stairs when he hears the water running.  That boy LOVES bathtime and heaven forbid if someone is bathing without him.  He will try to get to the bathtub if he has a poopy diaper too.  He hates being messy as much as he loves his baths!!

Henry has also learned a new word.  He loves to drop things over any ledge he can find- the table, his high chair, the couch- it's all SOOOO much fun!  Now when he drops something he says, "Oh oh."!!  He's singing now too, especially when he is tired.  He will lie his head on my shoulder and sing, "aaah ahhh ah ah ah".  I melt whenever I hear his sweet voice.  ♥ 

He took his first step a few weeks ago but has decided that walking without holding on just isn't for him yet.  He did it a few times (a fantastic job too :D) but there are more interesting things to accomplish in his busy life!     

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