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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pay $15 to Spend $30 at Fashion Playtes- Daughter Can Design Her Own Dress!

Family Find's Baltimore Daily Deal from yesterday was 50% off a voucher to spend $30 at Fashion Playtes, a cute site where girls ages 5-12 can design their very own dress (and one for her doll too!).  For only $15 your daughter can design her very own outfit!  It's still available right now and I'm thinking of purchasing one for my little girl.
The outfits at Fashion Playtes are right up my daughter's alley...and guess who's turning 6 in 8 days?! 

The site is really fun- you pick your garment (they have shirts, dresses, bottoms, accessories and more).  Then you choose your daughter's size- from sizes 6-14.  Next you can choose your color plus any additions like rhinestones, ribbons, ruffles and other cute decorative elements.  You can also add their name to the tag!  Each item has a  price that is clearly reflected as you make your choices.  You can add or remove additions or start over all together if you don't like your creation!

For a unique creation I think the prices are good.  The least expensive piece of clothing is $8.40 and the most expensive is $30 with most being under $20.  Doll clothing is $6-10. 

Shipping at Fashion Playtes is a reasonable $6 flat rate for all orders.  

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