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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Common Sense, Common Courtesy

I'm a very passive person.  I let people walk all over me, allow people to talk down to me and rarely stand up for myself.  So my outlet for complaint is my head, my blog, friends or Jason.  Today, it's my blog because my head hurts from the smoke, my phone is dead and J's at work.  He'd tell me to suck it up and say something anyway.

If I were working in someone's home I would never consider doing anything that wasn't approved by them- I wouldn't help myself to the kitchen without asking, I wouldn't go into their bedroom without being invited and I certainly never, ever would smoke in someone's house.  If I walked into an obviously smoke-free home I wouldn't even dream of asking to smoke in their house (not that I smoke, but if I did) and I would NEVER throw cigarette butts anywhere but the trash while outside and away from open doors. 

So why, I wonder, would anyone ever come into MY house and do the above without asking?  WHY?????  Why would you bring your disgusting cigarettes into my house and then proceed to smoke them without an invite from me, the freaking homeowner.  Yeah, sure it's in the basement where no one but the grownups go to do laundry but it travels, guys.  I'm sitting in the dining room trying not to puke.  I'm much too passive a person to say anything, just the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.  About as sick as the cigarette smoke makes me feel. 

I just feel  And headachy.  I'm glad I have somewhere to go tonight- I can air out the house.  And maybe this weekend I'll buy some NO SMOKING signs for the house.  I can deal with passive-agressive. 

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  1. This is BS and this is coming from an ex smoker I would never EVER go into someones house and bust out a cigarette just would not happen. I do not know of anyone who still smokes in their homes even smokers go outside. Totally not cool. I feel ya