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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Piano Recital Time!

This week was pretty crazy.  Zachary was prepping for his piano recital (just a simple affair), I was sick (over-heated), intending to help get ready for the schools' Fun Days and then my friend's babies decided they were coming.  I was planning to help her with whatever she needed so I changed some plans and picked up her kids yesterday.  Babies arrived without a hitch last night (super adorable!!!) and we brought 1 extra kiddo to the piano recital today.

First we thought we were lost but we were right where we were supposed to be.  Then: OH NO.  We realize we didn't have his sheet music!!!  There were just a few performances and when his turn came up and he didn't have it in his hand his teacher looked at me.  I gestured that he didn't have his music and her eyes got big; my eyes got big!  We both knew he had never played without it.  He sat down and gave us this:

  This mom is super proud and impressed, even if he did have a moment.  I thought he might give up when he forgot what was next but he just kept thinking and did a great job!  Last week we got a letter from his school about a test called the Edwin Gordon's Intermediate Measures of Music Aptitude audiation test.  He scored in the high range, which is above the 80th percentile and means he "possesses some giftedness in music." Neat!

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