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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear HP: I Dislike the Test Page

I should just write these letters to the companies that I'm angry with but it always makes me feel a little better once I write them to myself (and anyone who actually visits my blog). 
Dear HP,
I'd like to thank you for using all of my blue and black ink by printing out a test page every time I turn the printer off, forget to have paper readily available or one of my kids opens the door to the cartridge holder area.  It's really great to spend a fortune on ink only to have it all used up by test pages.  Then I go to print something I really wanted only to have it not work, even though I've only printed a handful of positively useful coupons/pictures/whatevers and an even smaller handful of completely useless something or other that the kids or I wanted to print.  For instance, today I wanted to print an awesome Target coupon and instead I got a splotchy printout that Target probably won't accept.  I'll try anyway but not knowing if it will work or not is really annoying.  This is a seriously awesome coupon- $10 gift card with purchase of $50 or more.  And I'm not sure if it will work because your a test page-happy printer that steals all of my ink.  Maybe if the coupon works I should use it to buy a different brand, one that doesn't steal ink. 

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