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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me...happy birthday dear Alex...happy birthday to meeeee!  Okay, got that out of my system, for now.  My day was pretty borning but this evening my family took me out to one of my favorite restaurants, Fujihana, for dinner.  I love watching them cook and the food is fabulous.  I was super excited tonight because we got one of the guys that is entertaining as well.  I never get to go there because Jason doesn't like spending money on so little food.  Which is totally crazy because this has always been one of the places that I could take food home because I was too full to eat it all and I used to be able to eat a LOT.  
On the topic of eating a lot, I gained a lot of weight (about 15-20lbs) between July and November of 2012 and really wanted to lose it.  So I've been on an exercise/weight loss program since November 21, 2012.  That's almost 3 months...possibly the longest I've ever stuck with something that I had a choice in deciding whether to keep going on end it.  The good: I've worked out for 20-60 minutes 4-7 days/week since 11/21.  Usually 6 days and usually longer than 30 minutes.  My workouts vary- Hip Hop Abs, the elliptical machine, swimming, running the treadmill, walking, some Pinterest finds.  When the intensity is low I will do more than one activity, making sure to do something hard that day too.  
When I first started I quickly learned that I wouldn't lose any weight if I didn't start fixing my eating habits too.  So I stopped eating seconds and thirds at every meal, stopped eating crackers and soda and did some small alterations as well like only snacking on chips or cookies at parties.  I've significantly decreased my intake of pasta.  My meals are minimally processed.  I won't do low-fat foods or artifical sweeteners- bad stuff right there.  I'm eating well, working I should be losing weight, right? 
I have been taking weekly pictures, weighing and measuring myself almost daily.  Without a doubt I'm gaining muscle.  But I'm still the same weight, haven't lost many inches and the worst part...I'm still in the exact same size clothing!  Ugh. 

The rest of my birthday celebration will be simlarly laid back and I plan (hope) to get my way for the rest of the weekend.
So today, to say, "screw you" to my sucky progress I skipped the workout AND had dessert.  And I can't win, because now I'd really like to exercise.  But I really want to go to bed also. 

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