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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Get a #FlawlessFinish with Sheer Cover Studio Makeup (Review)

I was so excited to get to try out Sheer Cover Studio makeup.  I'm a makeup klutz and always afraid to try new products that might not be right for me.  The only thing I have to say is this: You have to try this stuff!  Pictures or it didn't happen?  I'm working on them.  I'm a digital dummy sometimes.  But I have them!

Here's my face history:
I don't wear a lot of makeup.  Every few months I'll go on a binge of wearing it a few times a week but mostly I wear it once a week-3 times a month.    
My skin is splotchy and my tone is uneven. 
I suffer from breakouts even at 32.  My 32 year old face isn't nearly as bad as my teenage face, but it still happens.  
I have combo skin- dry and flaky in some spots, oily in others.  
I have large pores.  They are the purest form of evil.  They don't even help me look youthful like I've heard some people say about large pores.  They just make me look gross.  In other words, I need help of the makeup variety.  ASAP.  Thanks to ModernMom and Sheer Cover Studio for providing me with some great products to test! 

Here's what came in the box: 
1.  Base Perfector Primer.  This smooths imperfections (yep) and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines (yep).  
2.  Conceal and Brighten Trip in Light/Medium.  This conceals, brightens and has a mirror.  The concealer comes in two shades that you can mix to get the right color for you.  It works well as long as I get the right color.  Absolutely worked better with my finger than with a brush!  But that might just be my problem!  The brightener, when applied to the corners of your eyes and your brow bone helps brighten your face.  
3.  Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation in Medium.  Loose powder foundation. 
4.  Sun-kissed Bronzing Mineral Powder.  Hard powder in three shades that you brush over your face in areas you want to highlight.  I'm not sure I was doing this one correctly.  
5.  Numerous brushes in different sizes to apply various makeups.  They did the job well.  
6.  Lash Extending Fibers.  Applied to eyelashes prior to mascara, this extends your lashes.  Might have worked a little.  I wasn't too sure I was doing a good job of applying this!  
7.  Lengthening Mascara in Black.  It's wider on the ends and narrow in the middle.  It does a nice job, my eyes looked much better with than without. 

Confession: I have no clue how to properly apply makeup.  Lipstick is pretty self-explanatory but don't ask me about lip liner.  I know what it is but I look like I'm wearing Sharpie around my lips.  And foundation?  Not a clue.  Even watching makeup tutorials online I'm thinking..."I've never heard of a whatsit" and "Why did she put foundation on her face 3 times?  Oh...that's not foundation?  Then, what is it??"  I'm just so lost and super good at doing all the wrong things.  Guess what else came with the Sheer Cover Studio products?  Instructions- yes!!     

 I was a little overwhelmed at the large group of product sitting before me when I opened the package.  What was I supposed to do with all of this?  Good thing this stuff is for dummies and makeup connoisseurs alike, or I would have been in trouble.  Those instructions were a lifesaver and really helped me get a look I've always wanted but could never achieve.   

My before and after face were definitely different.  After was much better!  I took some (terrible) selfie photos but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them to STAY on the blog after I upload them from the phone (iphone we use as an ipod.  I'm still learning all that fancy stuff).  
My biggest triumph of this review was when I dropped off my daughter at a rehearsal, went home, put on the makeup then picked her up.  She came out and looked right past me.  Then there was a double-take and she came running over.  "Mommy, you look sooooo different!  I didn't even realize it was you.  You look...younger, you're so pretty!  What did you do?  Are you wearing makeup?"  She went nuts!  Another happy moment was when one of the kids' friends came over and said, "Ohmygosh Miss Alex, you look so pretty!".  Apparently my normal face is nothing to go gaga over.  I was lovin' the positive affirmations. 

My favorite products:
The primer is amazing.  It did what it promised and gave me the dewy look I love when I wear makeup.  It smooths and minimizes and actually works better the more you use it.  If you go days without it, this effect doesn't continue, but I looked better on day three using the makeup than I did on day one. 
The brightener does wonders.  
The powder foundation was one of the best I've tried.  It goes on smooth and you don't need to use much.  

That I didn't need the lightest shades.  Normally I buy the lightest or second lightest product but I went with the medium (recommended for many tones) and it was just right.       

Try it, try it, try it!  And check back for my terrible selfies.  They are laughable, but you can see the difference. 

Modern Mom provided me with Sheer Cover Studio products to facilitate my review.  No other compensation was provided.   

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