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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Because I'm already down.  I seriously feel like I can't win right now.  Apologies and a warning before I begin...this is going to be nothing but wallowing in self-pity.  I warned you. 

We are finally getting back on our feet after a lengthy period of unemployment.  Or we were starting to get back on our feet.  First it was our heater, which the installer forgot to register which almost made for a VERY costly repair.  Fortunately it was only $140 that we couldn't afford and not $500 that we couldn't afford.  My vacuum needs a new belt.  Again.  That one is not a big deal- just a few bucks.  It's just a pain because the belts are getting increasingly harder to find. basement backs up.  It's bad.  Really bad.  This isn't the first time and I'm just so scared that the cost for this venture is going to be way beyond what we can handle.  But we don't have any other options.  Jason did try to fix it with the snake, and he had no luck whatsoever.  We can't live with it like this- it's not safe or sanitary or convenient.  Right before it happened I put all of our dirty laundry down there.  Crap.  Literally.  Our dishwasher has been broken for a few weeks.  I can't even begin to explain how much time I've spent doing dishes.  I want clean dishes but it's the kids' chore so I have them do the first round, then I rewash them once all the grime is off them in clean, soapy water.  It's probably doubling my water bill too.  I hate dishes.  I hate not having a dish washer.  I could easily do two loads of dishes every day (dishwasher loads, not sink loads).  Then my dog wants to make sure we don't forget that she can be trouble too, so she has been working hard to thoroughly saturate our carpet.  Should I just be glad it isn't the wood floors right now?  Or should I just hope (with all my being) that it isn't a UTI? 

That's just the big stuff.  Then there's the not being able to focus on anything ever which leads to nothing ever getting done, my desperate need for new contacts (I really love the headaches, glasses- really, but I'd like this relationship to be over), constantly picking up after my lazy family (getting them to help is like pulling teeth, and ensuring it happens takes 3 times longer than just doing it myself).  And I have so many errands to run.  Ugh.  

Okay, I'm done.  Thanks for listening.             

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