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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Kiwanis Lake

 It's about zero degrees here in PA and with wind chills making it feel in the negatives and my heater working as hard as it can to push out 60 degree air, I am trying to think warm thoughts.  What better way to stay warm than looking at Summer photos while drinking coffee and buried under the warmest blanket in the house?  We stayed super busy this Summer, hiking, reading, swimming and with lots of family.  When I remember to bring my camera I make sure to get a lot of photos.  I remembered it a few time!  These are also good reminders that we didn't waste our vacation sitting on our butts playing video games all day.  
Our local library, in conjunction with some other organizations, offers a fabulous program every year that combines a Summer reading program with exposure to letterboxing, physical fitness and all of the local and state parks in York County.  We had so much fun finding new places at familiar parks, hiking our usual hangouts, seeing nature and getting healthy.

Trying out the equipment at Kiwanis Lake

Success!  We found the letterbox!

We can handle this!  Hiking at Rocky Ridge.

With soaring temperatures, we made sure to bring lots of water and fruit on our hike.

Hiking in 100-degree weather- no sweat!  Or maybe just a little...  

We didn't spend our entire summer sweltering in the heat.  We spent plenty of time being silly, swimming and hanging out with family.  

Looking better than mom in her shades.
Watch me dive!

Visiting with family.

How are you staying warm today?  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose power since our (pretty new) furnace is struggling to keep us in air-conditioning level temps. and it will get insanely cold fast.  Our van's battery couldn't keep up with the cold, essentially stranding us and we made the dumb mistake of switching from a landline to a just-as-costly internet line through the cable company so if we lose power we lose phone too!  No cell phones in this house!  I'm guessing wi-fi doesn't work if your power is out.  I'm thinking of all of you suffering through the Polar Vortex. 

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