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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Moral of the Story

The other day my first grader Jonas and I read The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  It's the one where the three goats cross the bridge, from the smallest to the largest.  As each one crosses, the mean, ugly troll under the bridge tries to eat them, and each time the goats say something along the lines of "wait for my bigger brother because he's bigger and tastier".  Spoiler alert.  The biggest goat kicks the troll's butt when the troll wants to eat him.

After we read we discuss.  I asked Jo what the moral of the story was and his response was, "Don't trust ugly people." 
I'm sitting there thinking, at least he didn't say something this awful to someone this time
Out loud, I said, "Try again". 
So he says, "Ohhh!  Don't trust ugly trolls."

I'm not really sure we could have come out of that discussion without offending someone.  So I just suggested that one never trust a troll that lives under a bridge.  They're always up to no good.  #parentingwin      

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