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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Happens When a Mom Cleans Under Her Bed (After Months of Neglect)

This is not a small bin.

I am absolutely not the best housekeeper but I seriously skipped cleaning under the bed for the longest time.  I actually only did it because I can't find the dang tv remote and I really wanted to watch Heroes on Netflix.  

So, what does one find under the bed of a family with 4 kids who love to visit mom and dad in the middle of the night, hands stuffed full of the Lego toys that they need to have?  The bed that doubles as the home of mutant zombies or ninja warriors?  Well...I can tell you!  Lots of socks, enough toys to fill a large bin, enough dust (and trash??) to fill the vacuum.  Twice.  Enough books to entertain bored kids all year, enough Lego pieces to build an empire and the Fitbit I couldn't find for weeks.  I put that on stat, so that I could make myself feel better today about eating 3 donuts yesterday.  But seriously, it's like The 12 Days of Christmas in here.  Sort of.  

Well, hello tiger.  Long time, no see.

I'm nowhere near done cleaning out from under my bed.  Or the rest of my room.  Or the rest of my house
But I got it in my head that everyone would love to see what I found under my bed.  Because everyone loves being bumped up a notch on the good mommy or good housewife list.  You're welcome :) 

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  1. I cant say whats under my bed. Lets just say it's rated triple x, thanks to my husband lol There are other things like trash, papers, clothes etc.