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Monday, October 17, 2011

Money or Mama

I was chatting with the kids today and Amara asked for a trampoline after I announced a win (2nd this week- yeah!!).  I told her that trampolines cost a lot more than my prize and that they were too much money, not to mention too big for our yard.  She asked why one of her friends has one.  I had to explain that some people need or choose to work and that some people need or choose to stay home and that we were the latter family.  I told her that if I worked that we could probably afford a trampoline and asked her if she'd rather have more money or more mommy. 

Suddenly my house erupted in a cacophony of kids protesting.  From one end of the house I heard from Zachary, "more mommy!  I want you to be home!!".  From the dining room (our common room) Amara was telling me that daddy would never get her to school on time and telling me how much she wants me to be home.  Jonas was saying, "stay home mommy, I love you." and Henry said, "uv you mama.  Kiss." 


We don't have a lot of money but I'm thinking that we made the right decisions (sort of by choice and sort of by necessity) for our family.  And I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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