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Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost Time

For this boy 

to celebrate 2 years of life.  

It seems like yesterday he was this tiny little thing:
 I just can't believe it's almost been 2 years!  On Friday, March 30, 2012 we will be putting two candles on his cake.  He will sing along with us instead of being a tiny, confused bystander.  He will blow out his own candles and clap along with us when they're out.  He asked for Lego Batman this year, and a basketball, football, helmet, hockey stick and puck...he really likes sports.  Of course I and eager family members are happy to oblige this simple wish list.  I even got him a sister to his "baby ittle broder". 

He still cries for me when I leave, usually needs my help to climb into his seat at the table and needs a stool to wash his hands.  But he's growing up so fast and is hardly my baby anymore.  Last year I could look back and see him grow month by month.  Now it's measured more in 3-6 month increments and soon it will be yearly progress.  Henry has come such a long way from his wobbly, mumbling 1 year old self.  Now he says, "please" and "thank you", speaks in complete sentences and loves to sing songs to and with us (he even makes up his own songs).  When I tell him I love him he usually says, "I wuv you too, Mama".  He reads books and tries to tell me the color of his toys (he's usually wrong).  This little boy who still needs at least 1 nap per day and can't pour his own drink (well...he can but it usually ends up on the floor) can shoots basketballs with amazing accuracy, climbs rocks like a pro and has an uncanny ability to remember names.

Friday will be bittersweet and the cake will be chocolatey.     


  1. Awww ... Happy (early) birthday to your little guy. It always amazes me how quickly they grow. My youngest is 3 and she's still (and always will be) my baby.

  2. Thank you! I kind of figured he would always be my baby. Even my 4 year old still seems like my baby. At the same time I'm enjoying everything each age has to offer, I'm missing how they were and looking forward to what they'll be like in the future.