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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is What Happens When I'm Gone for a While

My life has been so boring that I haven't really bothered writing about it.  Sometimes my kids will say something I want to remember but it's few and far between so I just end up boring my Facebook friends with the info instead of writing about it in detail here.  Now I can give a big boring update all at once.  Ready?

So, since I've been here last we've celebrated two birthdays: my baby Henry turned 2 on March 30 and my daughter Amara turned 7 on April 19th.  Henry got everything he wanted- babies, a football, basketball, baseball mitt and a bunch of other sports crap.  He is obsessed with sports.  He never put his cake in the oven for "you and me".  Instead he did it for "baketball hoop!".  It's cuter than the 2 year old singing Adele.  I should record it.  He also wanted more motorcycles, Legos and Zoobles and got them.  Then promptly lost almost all of it.  Amara didn't want a whole lot- she asked for an Ipod.  When I told her that little kids in our house don't get $200 presents she apologized for asking for something so expensive then asked for a camera, mp3 player, some dolls so she would have toys to play with when her friends came over, Zoobles, Xia Xia Pets, Lego Friends and a pull up bar for her doorway (yes, I'm serious).  After some discussion she decided she wanted to upgrade to a second-hand Nintendo DSi (she had the Lite) with games and accessories and I surprised her with a nice tea set and a Xia Xia home (junk).  Her brothers got her a Xia Xia shell, an itty-bitty stuffed bunny and a Lego Friend set.  Her friends and family ended up getting her everything else on the list (except the pull up bar), so she was a very happy birthday girl.  She also received money and decided she wants to save it, so now I'm searching for a bank that offers youth banking.  The credit unions have some awesome accounts but I don't know if they can become a member if their parents aren't.  I might look into it if I don't get distracted by something new.   

I was a Cityville (on Facebook) addict for a while.  Recently I've almost stopped playing, going from a few times per day to barely once a week and only for a few minutes each time.  Go me!  
I'm still a Pinterest addict.  I love my Kindle like I love water.  I enjoy both necessities and rarely leave the house without them.   
I guess I scratched my eye a few weeks ago after taking an hour nap in my contacts.  I have glasses but I can't see out of them very well.  I have another pair that I can see better with, but they don't stay on my face.  Every time I think my eye feels better I put my contact back in, only to have my eye explode in pain again after a few hours.  Then I look and my eye is incredibly bloodshot and I'm back to square one.  It hurts.  I don't have insurance and it looks like a visit to the eye doctor will be necessary...this is going to cost me.  Suck. 
There's absolutely nothing else to say about me.  I'm just not that interesting. 
Oh wait, it seems that everyone in the world has become an advocate of me getting married.  I guess that's interesting.  It sure was interesting one day when a handful of people, unbeknownst to one another were planning, discussing or commenting on our upcoming (unknown) marriage.  The discussions are still trickling in every few days too.  Jason and I have been together for 11 years and our kids think we are married.  My daughter was horrified when she asked for the ring, dress and photos and I had nothing to produce.  I maybe should have told her then that it's because there was never a production date but it was just easier not to have that potentially long conversation.   So I picked out a ring (that I'll never get because you can only order it online and that's too big a committment to make online) and decided on Jason's metal then made dinner and promptly got distracted by other stuff that doesn't cost as much money or time.   

My 4 year old has been cracking me up a lot recently.  Just the other day Jonas was with us at Cracker Barrel and we had just been served our meal.  Jason and I always get breakfast and the little boys got some kid food.  He saw my grits and freaked out.  He said he didn't want any of his food; he just wanted "that".  Being the nice mommy that I am, I took Jason's grits and gave them to Jonas.  He polished them off in seconds and...said, "May I please have some more porridge?" .  I laughed so loud that the entire restaurant was probably giving me dirty looks.  We live in Pennsylvania.  It's not okay to laugh in public.  But seriously, what kid asks for porridge?  Where did he hear it?  I'm still laughing.  Then the following day he was browsing through my kitchen (I'm pretty sure that if he doesn't become a police officer he will be a chef.  He could really go the extra mile and be both), grabbed something and ran to me.  He said, "see mommy, you still have a spatula!"  (I had thought I broke them all) then went on to say, "Now, can you make me some flapjacks?".  This wouldn't be a weird word except that I have never, in my entire life said the word "flapjack" unless I was talking about the word.  No clue where he got that one either.  Oh, and Jo is FINALLY potty trained.  FIIIINALLLLY! 

Henry, who was practically trained by about 20 months completely quit trying.  Those two are constantly on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Zachary, my 10 year old, has made it his life goal to ruin his little sister's life on the pretense that it's she who is ruining his life.  It's super annoying and I'm totally out of parenting ideas so I often just ignore them.  They fight so often and it's practically impossible to split them up because there aren't enough neighbors to ship them off to. 
And I'm ruining his life because I nag him too much.  That's me saying it, and not him.  I know I do it but what else are you supposed to do when a kid won't take a shower, clean his room, leave his sister alone, pick up his toys when he's done with them unless you are on them about it at least 15 minutes out of every hour?  I seriously need to know!  
On a good note, he is doing great in school.  He doesn't try as hard as he should but he gets by with good grades.  Next year might kick his skinny butt if he tries to pull off his first year at middle school like he has been these past few but I know he can do it if he tries.  He's been taking piano for the last few years and he's been slacking on that also.  As far as I know he's doing well, but I think he'd do better if we had a piano in our house.  I'm working on that but I have a lot going against me.  

Did I talk too much?  I'll talk about the nighttime stuff in another post. 

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