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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guess Who Lost a Tooth

Look ma, no eyes!  Why does this boy with the beautiful eyes have to squint when he smiles?

Yep, I know the world cares about my kid losing a tooth and that's why I'll tell you all about it.  Jonas is 6 and lost his first tooth on May 9th.  It had been wiggling for weeks and he wouldn't stop messing with it (though he wouldn't let me tie it to a door) and it finally fell out while he was doing nothing in particular.  
Then about 3 days later (yeah, I know- great mom, right?) he lost his second one.  Good thing we have a reasonable tooth fairy.  She left him a gold dollar for the first and a quarter for the second.  It took a few days to get to him because someone takes forever to go to sleep when he goes to bed and someone's mom was really tired. 
Someone got out of eating apples for a few weeks.   Yay, applesauce!
I'm pretty sure this whole post was just to show off my kid's gorgeous face.  Yeah, I know I'm a little biased. 

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