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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cooking for Kids- Can't Beat Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese! (A Flashback Gather Review)

Flashback Gather Review from August 2009.

(it seems that someone tried to KILL them before they got here...see pictures of beaten boxes!!).

My kids LOVE macaroni and cheese. I kind of like it too, though I'm not exactly fond of the ingredients. But I'm also lazy, and have some kids that are sometimes difficult to please. In addition to my 3 I watch my friend's two kids.  That's 5 sometimes-picky kids. What to do? One thing I will NEVER do is make more than one meal to please everyone. That narrows our choices down majorly and you can't go wrong with mac 'n' cheese. And the real, homemade stuff just does not sit well with these kids (I've TRIED). This is easier anyway and I'd rather have the real stuff all to myself, with a big helping of stewed tomatoes on the side (why am I even writing about it when I don't have the ingredients???).
How do we eat our Kraft mac 'n' cheese? We aren't picky. Sometimes we eat it with some broccoli, sometimes with chicken nuggets, sometimes with ketchup, sometimes with it all and sometimes by itself. It doesn't matter- it works in so many ways!
Today there are 4 kids (and me) and I decided that we would have our Kraft Deluxe (deluxe means it comes with the gooey cheese in foil packet instead of the powder you have to mix, so it's creamier and a little less work (and sometimes we forget to stock butter and milk). Mac 'N' Cheese with chicken nuggets (with ketchup) and celery sticks with peanut butter. We ended up with 3 cleaned off plates (plus mine) and a kid who didn't want to eat any of it (weird because he actually likes all of it!). I had my Mac 'N' Cheese with lots of pepper and some ketchup mixed in. Then I had my chicken nuggets with honey. I gave all of the celery to the kids.
So we didn't make anything special, but when it comes to kids special doesn't matter. GOOD matters and this was GOOD :D

And if you are interested in the fine print:
A serving of Kraft Deluxe Mac 'N' Cheese is 3.5 oz, 320 calories (yikes!), 90 fat calories which is 10g of fat or 15% dv, 3g of saturated fat, 15mg or 5% cholesterol, 930mg of sodium or 39% (double yikes!), 45g or 15% carbohydrates, 1g or 4% dietary fiber, 4g of sugar and 12g of protein. There is also 4% dv of vitamin A, 15% calcium and 10% iron.

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