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Sunday, December 19, 2010

De-stinking the Tween- a Gather Review of Degree Men Deodorant (A Flashback Gather Review)

Flashback Gather Review from July 2010.

My son Zachary was selected by Gather to review Degree for Men Deodorant and received a free sample of the deodorant to facilitate his review.
Product Reviewers Needed for Degree Men, Degree Girl, Dove Ultimate go fresh and Suave 24-Hour Protection deodorant – Comment to Participate
Zachary is a new 9 year old (his birthday was July 10) and, news to me, a TWEEN! We received our sample of deodorant on his birthday (what a great way to celebrate a birthday- hey dude, you stink!) but weren't home until late so we've only had a few days to get to know this product.

About Degree® Men Deodorant: With Degree Men, odor is no match for the busy lives of tween boys. Whether running for class president, auditioning for the school play, or leading the football team to victory, Degree Men rises to every challenge to help boys feel confident. Degree Men, available in four fragrances, guarantees odor protection and is the first deodorant with Silver Ion Technology. Silver Ions are high-tech odor fighters so effective that they are used by sports brands, the military and even space agencies to fight odor in their performance apparel.

We have Degree's Arctic Edge- scented deodorant in a clear solid. I'm curious about this "silver ion technology". I am aware that negative ions are used in some air purifiers and wonder if that's what they are getting at when promoting this? Or if it's just some fancy words.

Mom's first impression: The smell is a little strong but it's a decent scent. It's bad enough to have to wear deodorant but to announce it with a strong scent could be embarrassing. And on the topic of odor...Zachary doesn't have one yet (Thank God!!!) but I thought it would be great to try anyway because he does sweat and, as a mildly sensory-disable child, he could give a good opinion on how it feels and smells.

Zachary's first impression: Smell? "I don't like it! It stinks- it's nasty! Do I have to wear it?".
Unfortunately, it's a cool day today. I had planned to have him use it while playing tennis but it was canceled today because of rain. So we are experimenting in poor conditions for rating deodorant. We aren't going to be super-active today though the humidity might make sweating more likely. Zachary put it on and after 2 hours I checked back with him. I asked if wearing deodorant feels different than not wearing it. He said didn't notice it at all- he wasn't bothered by the texture, probably because it's a clear solid that absorbs quickly (unlike the chalky or gel deodorants). He is sometimes bothered by things on his skin so it's a positive that this didn't bother him. I asked him if he felt sweaty and he said he didn't, but added that it's not hot in his room like it normally is during the summer. I asked him about the smell again and he said it was alright, so the strength of the scent calms down after a while. I checked it too and it definitely was much nicer after 2 hours. He smelled like a person rather than a deodorant factory!
I'm sad that we haven't had the opportunity to review how well this works on sweat. I guess it's different since he doesn't have odor issues yet, but the fact that there was still a mild deodorant scent after a few hours may mean that it's still protecting against potential odors after some time has passed. I look forward to having him try this out on a hot tennis day!
As for future use...I'd definitely have to take him along when selecting a deodorant so that he isn't disgusted by the smell. And I think to have a more effective review of deodorant we would need to try a few different kinds so that we know what works and what doesn't. As a fan of both Degree and Old Spice for my grown man, they would definitely be 2 or our choices when the time comes that we really need some. It doesn't hurt that we've had this opportunity to be warned that this future shopping trip will happen sooner, rather than later!

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