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Monday, December 20, 2010

December 9, 2010- Happy 3rd Birthday Jonas!

It seems like he was just born yesterday. But today my little Jonas Robert is 3 years old! This is the first time I could ask what he wanted and he could tell me. It was very exciting for me! Jonas is a typical annoying little brother but he is the absolute best big brother ever. His little brother is 8 months old and since day 1 Jo has been such a big helper and cares so much for the baby. He is always looking out for him and it's so sweet!
Jo (his nickname) told me that this year he wants a firetruck (he already has one!), dinosaurs, a motorcycle, rocketship and cars.

What he did not tell me, but I know all too well is that he wants a camera. He is constantly taking (and LOSING) my camera. It isn't a super expensive camera but it's costly enough that mommy isn't happy about it! So I got him his very own camera- the Vtech Kidizoom, which had the best ratings of all the cameras. I'd take pictures of all the presents he is getting but SOMEONE lost my camera...It's orange, has a screen so he can see the pictures he is taking and even has games on it. I haven't played around with it yet but I'm very excited to see how well it works.


Another thing he is getting is two of the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train. It's a cartoon with these cute little dinos. I've only seen one episode so that's all I know about the show. They have lots of different toys but the ones he wanted were (of course) the expensive talking dinos that interact with each other. I saw them when I was shopping for his cousin's birthday over the summer and had a blast playing with them! He told me he wanted the Triceratops but I couldn't find it anywhere. So he's getting the pteradactyl and I think the other one is a stegasaurus. Another thing I know he will love is a microphone. And I'm totally okay with the noise I will have to put up with! But I messed up and thought we had something the microphone could plug into but it was only an output so now I'm searching for a CHEAP something or other where I can plug in the microphone. He is also getting a Hot Wheels track and I know he'll enjoy that because he loves "playgrounds"! I really wanted to get him a rocketship but the only one that he wanted was $40 (eeek!). Last night he was at a friend's birthday party and saw a Lego Toy Story ship that he really liked- I'm wondering how much that cost...He also loves to pretend to strap on a Jet Pack and flies around the house. There are two Buzz Lightyear jet packs that are for sale this year and one is $30. I might cave and get it for him for Christmas. I can't wait for him to wake up!!!

So, to the charming boy who has "magic kisses that make it all better" I say, Happy third birthday big guy- I love you so much. I am so amazed by everything you do and all the things you learn each day and I'm so proud of the crazy little guy you're becoming! You are growing up too fast and I plan enjoy every second if it.

Love, Mama

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