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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Weavers on a Diet!

Well, Jason is anyway!  I'll get into in eventually.  Unfortunately for me his grandparents didn't open the pool this year so I'm not getting in any swimming and who wants to actually exercise outside when it's hot? 
About 3 weeks ago hubby decided that he needed to lose weight.  Duh...  His way of losing weight is unique to him and fight as I might, he won't actually eat well.  He is more of an exercise and Atkin's diet kind of guy (ummm, didn't that guy have a heart attack from all that meat?).  But at least he's into the working out part- lots of cardio and some weights.  And he is eating lots of salads.  But diet soda?  How early does this guy want to die?  I'm not a fan of fad diets, frozen "healthy" entrees and anything with the words "low fat" or "sugar-free" send me in a panic run.  When someone says they want to lose weight with a combo of diet and exercise I'm a one-way thinker.  Fresh foods (except rice- I'm all about rice...and a little whole grain pasta) and exercise.  Unfortunately fresh=half our paycheck at least so diving into a healthy lifestyle isn't exactly an option if we want to have a home.  Fortunately he's trying to kill himself with fat so I don't have to worry as much that we will lose our home to fresh blueberries.  
On that note, I so wish I could keep some plants alive.  That our soil was healthy enough to grow some kickin' fruits and veggies.  That we had a yard big enough for 1 apple tree.  Container gardens all the way, right?  But they cost SO much.  And you have to BUY dirt.  Anyone have a composter they want to give me?  That would work.  

So, I'm thinking no one came here to read about my wanting a composter:    

(this one would be nice)

Or hear about my wishes for a nice garden. 

You're here for the dirt, right?  How much does he weigh??? 

When Jason and I met he was probably around 180.  5'10".  Very muscular.  When he hit 220 a few years back it was like, wow- you need to lose some weight.  He yo-yo'ed a bit, dieted here and there, worked out some, gained some.  Until he hit rock-bottom.  Or I'm thinking more like Death's door.  I urged him to try to eat a little better.  Subsisting on soda, McDonald's, soda, Arby's, SODA, Burger King was just not a good idea anymore.  I begged him to just step on the dang scale and see the damage, because there was DAMAGE.  I tried scare-tactics.  "Darling, you are going to die from a heart attack at 4am and I won't be able to drag your fat booty to the front door.  You'll certainly break the cart thing that the ambulance guys bring in while 4 men are struggling to get you down the stairs.".  Something like that. 
Finally...finally he watched too much tv and decided he wanted some As Seen on Tv workout dvds.  They seem to be really popular and people like the results.  The cost- too much.  Anyone wanna give us their copy of whatever workout dvds these are when they are done? *Oh oh, I know what it's called.  It's P90X.  I keep hearing people talking about it and it's always positive.  So want a REAL challenge?  This is your guy!

And then FINALLY, a few weeks ago, he stepped onto the scale.  Which read:
289Two hundred and eighty-nine pounds.  OMG.  I did lose the bet.  I was sure he topped 300.  But ugh! 

So he signed up and joined his building's gym.  $30 a month.  That we don't have.  But it's for his health so I'm willing to sacrifice money we don't have to save his life.  But once he gets going he totally needs to join Planet Fitness for $10 a month.  Or someone can sponsor a family membership to some rockin' gym with a pool so that they can document our family's goal to a better lifestyle.  Hmmm...sounds good, right?!!  Any takers?  :) 

We did talk about taking pictures and documenting.  We took 1 picture but the lighting was all wrong and haven't done it since.  It's been...I think 3 weeks since he started working out.  He is down to 279 now- not too shabby.  It's a big step in the right direction and I hope we can share this journey with anyone reading!  Soon...maybe...I'll join him.  But no pictures of me. 

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