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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zoobles Mania

I never bought a Zoobles.  They seemed silly to me, this ball that pops open into a thing that does nothing.  Kind of like a Bakugan.  What's the point? 

Well, my kids don't seem to agree (except Zachary.  Bakugans are better).   Somehow my 6 year old daughter Amara ended up with one and it became one of the most coveted things in the house.  3 year old Jonas wanted that thing so bad.  Then 1 year old Henry discovered it.  He calls them "pop" and when he wants it to open into the creature he says "hep pop" (help pop).  Amara just aquired another one and it has all 3 of the younger kids buzzing with want and need.  Fights.  Cries.  They all NEED these things, these Zoobles.  They don't forget about them either.  There are times when they take a break from wanting them but the want always returns.  It could be an hour, a day or even a week but inevitably they fight for the Zoobles again and again.  

I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend $6-9 on one ball-creature called a Zooble.  My kids clearly are in love with them but $6.  For a little thing.  Anyone have any they want to give away?  Even with the love I'm not totally sold on the idea of these things rolling around the house.  Maybe I can find a killer deal on them sometime and then save them for Christmas or something.  

What crazy toys do your kids love?       

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  1. You might check some of the local yard sale or freebie sites. They were given out in McDonald's Happy Meals awhile back so someone may be getting rid of them. Also, if you keep an eye out, they do sell them in multi packs and are sometimes on sale. Try the maker's website for coupons as well! Good Luck... Brianna has discovered them as well since Sean was into the boy version for a LONG time... she's trying to copy her big brother! Ah, sibling envy!!!