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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!

Whoa...a little late here, considering said Henry is now 15 months old!  
Better late than never?  

Henry's first outfit in the hospital- a newborn sleeper that fit his 9lb 7.9oz body for a whopping week.
 Here's what not-so-baby Henry has been up to:

*New words in April:
Zzzzac (big brother Zach)
Maa (big sis Mara)
Juju (Jonas is his Jojo) 
No, Dritch (in combination, when he didn't want food, he wanted a drink)

*New actions in April:
Blowing kisses
understands burping (and humor in general)- during a conversation between daddy and Zach they were mentioning the word and Henry fake-burped and burst into laughter.
Went down the slide by himself- LOVED it. 

The feeling of different textures on his feet, like grass and concrete. 
Climbing.  Everything.
Watermelon, grapes, strawberries

Dancing, especially to the ABC song, Ke$ha's Blow, Britney Spears (one of her new songs on the radio).  I have a pre-teen that loves that garbage...ugh.

Grew a little taller but didn't gain any weight between 9-12 months.  But he's still a big boy.  Like I promised, there was no 1 year haircut- I must preserve the gorgeous hair!! 

March 30th: Happy first birthday to Henry.  He had plenty of fun and cake at a few laid back parties.  His first party was at the skating rink.  There was a school function there so we partied with a few friends and an adorable cake made by my friend (of course those photos are on the wrong, aka, uncharged laptop) so I'll share those later.  We didn't skate that night but just a few weeks later we gave it a shot and he loved it.  1 year old on skates?  Crazy, right?  Not to him!  He gleefully slipped and slided while death-gripping my hands.  Any attempts to stop resulted in major tears.   

#1 Dude! 
Did you know that typically, 1 year old shirts are only in size 12m?  This shirt didn't last long!

April 3rd: Family birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  What would a party be without Weebles for a Wobbly Weaver? 

I made the cake this time, one for him to destroy eat and one for the rest of us.

At that point, my ONE YEAR OLD Sony camera decided to crap out, again (on cake 2).  Disappointed Sony...SMH.  The shutter works when it wants, zoom works when it wants and it results in very blurry pictures when they shouldn't be.  My last Sony lasted over 7 years- that's quality.  I don't know what kind of junk cameras they've been creating ever since.   

ANYWAY.  Henry was a very dainty cake eater.  But in keeping with his messy ways, he delicately stuck his whole face and hands in the cake. 

All clean!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun and milestones! 

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