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Monday, May 7, 2012

Important Questions

The most important (and nagging) question today is:
Where the heck is my library card? 
Why do I need it, you ask?  I'll be happy to tell you.  I got a Kindle for Christmas.  And I'm too cheap to buy books.  I love borrowing them from the library through my Kindle.  It's like a present that keeps giving.  Beautiful.  But you need your card number to borrow it and I had it saved on auto complete but then Jason did stuff to our computer and now that's gone.  Damn computer geeks making my computer better but my life suckier. 

My next question:  Did anyone notice that I changed my blog design?  It was a substantial change but I kept the same colors.  Now a really super awesome change would be if someone took pictures of my family and turned all of us into our own Weeble and made some of us leaning one way, some the other.  Of course I would be centered perfectly because I'm awesome and I'm the steady crutchy Weeble.  Who's up for the task of designing this sweetness at the great price of free? 

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