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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Had This Awesome Idea

I was all set to write about something.  I was even sitting at the computer when I got my bright idea.  Usually when I have a decent topic to write about I'm in the shower or the car and you can't write in the shower and my purse is always lacking this important tool.  Then by the time I can get to one I forget what I wanted to write.  But I guess it's not the fault of the water or the car or the's me.  I know this now because I was at the computer and had a great idea and went to the compose page and promptly forgot everything.  Shoot. 

At the same time that I was forgetting what I wanted to write, I was complaining in my head about a pair of headphones sitting on my desk.  I was trying to watch a video and saw that the volume on the speaker was turned up pretty high, but I couldn't hear anything.  Then I noticed those headphones.  I don't even know how to describe them.  They look funny and they are really hard to put on your ears.  It always takes me a few minutes to figure them out and I forgot to pause the video and it ended up being one of those that moves on to the next news topic and then I was annoyed at the weird-looking headphones. 

Since I know me and I would want to know what they look like I thought I'd share my search for weird-looking headphones. 
Doesn't that book beg to be read?
My results didn't turn up a pair of weird-looking headphones.  Just a book called Dei Dreamer and 3 pairs of regular-looking headphones.  Shake my head, Amazon.  You need to adjust your algorithms.  Weird-looking headphones and regular headphones are NOT the same thing!  Then I did a search for headphones that go over your ears (seriously lacking in the part of my brain that uses descriptions this morning) and BINGO!  EARHOOK Headphones!! 

I included the link in case you need a pair of confusing headphones.  They actually work well once you figure out how to put them on your ears.

So now you know.

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