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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Night Time is the Right Time (for Weirdness)

This week my night life has been more active and interesting than my day life.  And I'm not talking about clubs and bars, dancing and drinking.  I'm talking about bed.  And not in a dirty way. 
I have a cat that prefers to drink out of cups of water.  He especially prefers the glass of water I keep by my bed.  I especially like to push him off the bed when he rudely wakes me up in the middle of the night with his face in the glass of water that I really wanted to drink.  I try to keep him out of my room but he finds his way in.  This has happened ever since I went on vacation over Christmas break.  He must have thought I was leaving him forever and decided to become an incredibly attached kitty.  The other night was one of those nights.  I woke up to his butt in my face and his face in my water.  His water bowl was full.  He's so rude.  Then I couldn't go back to sleep because I was really thirsty but too tired to walk downstairs to get more water.  Plus I left my shoes in the hallway that night and I can't put my bare feet directly on the floor unless I want the monsters under the bed to get me. 

When I did finally go back to sleep I had a dream about zombies.  I didn't know it until the end, but it was the sequel to a previous dream about zombies.  In this one I was on a main road in my town that leads to one of the highways.  I was walking and suddenly I saw zombies.  I had a conversation with my friend Mel about it and she asked what kind of zombies they were.  I didn't know there were different kinds and I was going to say they were probably Asian zombies, because they all had dark hair and eyes but I didn't think any of my other facebook friends would get my humor and instead I told her, "[they were] fast and mean and limpy. Their faces were gray-ish and their eyes were black. They all had black hair too. Maybe it was just a black and white dream.".  I thought that sounded more appropriate.  Anyway, the fast, mean and limpy zombies were very violent, like zombies usually are.  They were clueless if you pretended you were a zombie (wish I had known that from the start, some people might have lived) and they didn't eat each other.  After surviving my way down the highway I found a building and hid with some other people.  Then I ended up hiding in an elevator with Joseph Gordon Levitt.  After we separated I made my way to the west coast and when the goverment found out how to kill them (this is when I relized this was part 2 and that the stupid government already knew how to kill them but forgot) I was reunited with Adam Brody and another guy and girl from the first part, whom I didn't recognize.  We were in some firehall-style building and people were making food for the survivors.  We chatted about how we made it and then my alarm clock started beeping. 
That was my most entertaining dream in a while. 

Last night I was peacefully sleeping and suddenly Jason woke up with a start and said, "whoa!".  I wake easily when a person talks or yells- I'm always ready for an emergency or something I guess.  I was far away on the opposite end of the bed from him, totally out of reach of him.  I asked him what was wrong.  He said, "holy crap," then asked me if I just pushed him in the face, kind of hard.  Obviously I hadn't because I was too far away.  I was so sleepy and out of it so I just told him that it definitely wasn't me and that it was probably a ghost*.  He seemed to accept this explanation with a, "hmph.".  Then I proceeded to tell him that if a ghost pushed him hard in the face that it probably had a good reason and that he should get up to see if there's something it wanted to tell him.  He actually got up then.  I don't think the ghost really had anything to say to him, except maybe "go pee".   I then had dreams about a creepy ghost waking me up.  
I don't know if it's important or not, so I'll say it just in case.  I believe in paranormal.  But I'm a skeptical believer and tend to not believe unless I see it myself or the person telling me tells a good story and they are trustworthy (and not on drugs).  I have seen things that absolutely could not have been explained before.  In the house where I currently live (8 years) there has only been one time something happened with my son, who was 2.  It could have been a dream so I discount the event as such.  If this was indeed a ghost it may have just been travelling through and couldn't resist him/herself a practical joke. 

*I'm so creative and persuasive when I'm sleeping.  I should be a sleep writer. 

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