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Friday, May 18, 2012

Measuring Madness or...For the Love of God Please Help Me Pick One

I never thought measuring cups and spoons would drive me crazy, but it's true.  I have been obsessing for weeks over "the ones".  I am kind of bored with functional but ugly cheap plastic cups that don't hold up well in the dishwasher.  And in my house if it's not dishwasher safe it's gone.  So I've been pinning my favorites when I come across them.  I've been searching the web to find new and better measuring cups.  I decided that monotone is not for me.  That and no cheap plastic are my rules.  So I've narrowed it down and need some help deciding.  Because I don't think my hubby will be too happy with 3-5 sets of measuring cups.  
So here are the runners up:

West Elm's Fish Measuring Cups

Price is a very reasonable $15 with FREE shipping!
Adorable matching butter dish (which I need to buy anyway)
LOVE the colors, probably my favorite colors out of all of them.

When stored they don't look as nice as some of the others
There used to be a matching set of spoons but they are no longer available...not really a con but a :(  
-Looks great when stacked
-Simple, blends well with any decor (which we don't happen to have to worry about anyway since I can't decide on a wall color for my kitchen and cabinet, countertop and floor redos that are needed aren't in our budget)
-Grea display piece
-Inside is colorful

-White gets dirty
-A little pricey at $24 (plus shipping?)

Anthropologie's Cucina Measuring Cups
-Great colors
-Okay price- $19.95 (+shipping)
-Matching (expensive) measuring spoons (but they're just as cute)

-Not as cool sitting on the counter as others
-Complaints about measuing accuracy

Urban Outfitters' Turtle Measuring Cups

-Countertop status= PERFECT!!  The stand is awesome and adorable.  Flip the cups and they are the shell.
-I like the colors

-A little pricey at $24 (+ shipping)
-Not dishwasher safe...but I'll mostly be using them for dry ingredients

Urban Outfitters' Sheep Measuring Cups

-Perfect on counters
-Adorable and neutral

-Price- $24 + shipping
-Not dishwasher safe
-White gets dirty

-Love the colors and design
-Perfect on the counters
-Okay price- $20
-No shipping fee (they don't ship) and they say they're in stock at my local store

-I can't think of any

Two's Company (on Amazon) Birds & Trees Measuring Cups

-Perfect on the counter when stacked
-Rearrange them!
-Neutral white

-By far the most expensive at $30
-White gets dirty
-Lacks a 1/3 cup (1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4)

There are many more worthy of honorable mentions but that would take all day and I'm already indecisive.  They are all so cute!  I want one of each, but I know it isn't practical.  It's pretty easy to narrow it down to a few.  For instance, I don't want to pay $30 for one so I can eliminate the birds and trees.  Although I love the Cucina cups, I wasn't gushing over them like I did some of the others.  The sheep get more cons than pros.  But I still have 4 left to choose from.  Decisions, decisions! 

Which ones would you buy?

P.S. This post is full of links sending you to purchase pages.  None of them are affiliate/sponsored links.  I actually don't want you to buy any in case you pick mine and then the're sold out of them.  I'd be so mad at you.   Unless they turn out to be crappy and break.  Then I'd feel sorry for you and secretly pat myself on the back for not jumping the gun. 

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