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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Amazing: I Made Up My Mind and Bought Some Measuring Cups!

I was having trouble deciding which measuring cups I should buy a few weeks ago.  No one helped but amazingly, I figured it out on my own.  If you know me you would know how big of a deal this is.  I can't decide on anything.  I usually end up letting other people decide things for me.  So it's with great pride that I announce that I've purchased the West Elm Fish Measuring Cups and I love them!!  It took many days and lots of thought before choosing them.  
They don't match a thing in my kitchen (nothing in my house matches though, that's the downside to hand-me-down furniture and decor.  But on second glance they do sort of match my Pfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze set that's no longer a set.  It's no longer a set because half of it's broken but I'm not too too sad because I got a killer deal when I bought mine.  My cups were a little smaller but I got 21 pieces- 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups, 4 tiny plates (saucers?) and a giant serving plate for...$12.  And yes, you read that correctly!  Twelve dollars.  How?  Maybe because we lived near the plant and they had tons of extras?  I found them at a festival at my local fairgrounds that had nothing to do with dinnerware.  In the 11 years that my hubby and I have lived together it's one of the biggest non-electronic purchase we ever made.  Sad, huh?  Like I said, most of what we own has been given to us by someone else.  Not that I'm complaining but it's great to say "I bought that and it's something I love".   
Are you still with me?  Sorry for the happens a lot.  
Anyway, I'm super happy about my mommy's day purchase and use them often.  I'm really afraid that I'll shatter them in a moment of distraction but so far so good.  And they are just so darn pretty.  If you ever wonder if you should buy the functional or the functional and pretty and the price comparison is fairly level I say with gusto, "go with pretty!!!".  I love looking at the bright and colorful fishies hanging out in my kitchen.    

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