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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Um...Why the Power Rangers?

I was browsing my blogger stats and was totally astounded to learn that the majority of traffic to my blog is because of the Power Rangers.  When I say the majority I mean like a huge number of visitors end on this one post.  Approximately half of all of my page views over the life of my blog were of my Power Ranger post but this month it was more like 90%. 
In 2011 I wrote about them one time.  It was some blog project.  I figured it was a good fit because I grew up loving them, the kids like them and I was all sorts of excited to find out that they were still around and still a show that could be a great influence on my growing children.  Sure, they are fighting imaginary monsters but they are super cool (yes they are!) and they teach great lessons to young kids.  

Anyway, according to my Blogger stats (which aren't the same as other stats, but they're reasonably close) in the last month Weavers Wobble was viewed almost 3600 times.  Normally I don't get nearly that many views in one month; my normal number of blog views per month is under 1000.  Over 3200 of the views were of my one Power Rangers post!     

But why is my Power Rangers post so popular, especially compared to everything else I write?  I know my writing is kind of boring and I'm not complaining, just really, really curious.  Does anyone have insight about this?

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