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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Disguising a Turkey

Jonas is in Kindergarten and one of his recent projects was to disguise a turkey.  It was a fun project with the purpose of helping his turkey hide from the farmer so that he doesn't get eaten for Thanksgiving.  Jo could make his turkey into anything.  When I Googled some ideas I found some really great ones, like spider turkey, ninja turkey, spongebob turkey and so many more.  When Jo decided upon a triceratops I got a little scared.  I thought the ninja idea would have been much easier.  After looking around for a dino-turkey (we found one that was sort of what he wanted) we got to work cutting, folding, coloring and disguising.  I only hover to ensure fingers aren't cut off by scissors and when my help is requested.  He requested it a lot.  Normally he likes to do things on his own, so I happily obliged.  We had fun disguising his turkey!   

So, here's Jo's triceraturkey, a turkey that was probably not eaten on Thanksgiving day since he's so awesomely disguised.  

Do your children have any super fun projects that you look forward to? 

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