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Monday, December 30, 2013

Here Comes Santa Claus

Every year we are fortunate to have a Christmas Eve visit from our very own Santa Claus who, with Mrs. Claus, get to ride the local fire truck up and down the streets of our tiny borough offering waves, candy canes for the kids and puppy treats for the furry friends (Mrs. Claus' second job is heading the local doggy rescue and she is very passionate about all pooches).  Just about every year I forget that it's happening, or I forget when it's happening so we were lucky to be home when I heard the sirens running up and down nearby streets.  We all rushed to get dressed and ran outside many times for false alarms.  Amara stood as lookout and shouted to us all when the truck turned down out street. 

The kids ran around up until they were about halfway down the block, then they sat and waited anxiously for Santa and his crew to arrive.  The elves know we have a 4th kid so they made sure to give us an extra candy cane for the moody one inside the house. 

We look forward to Santa's visit every year.  In the city I live, there are more holiday activities, like the tree lighting ceremony, New Years Eve celebration and more and while they are only about 1-2 miles from us, I like having them right outside my door.  What does your town do to celebrate the holidays? 

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