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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Always with the food on his face
My 3rd (out of 4) child, Jonas, can be a trouble maker.  He is also a comedian and pretty good at diffusing a tense situation. 
The other day I let him play on his big brother's desktop Minecraft account.  He apparently went to town, deleting or altering everything in every single world that Zach had created.  When Zachary got home he lost it.  He went completely berserk and all I could think was Geez, it's a flipping video game.  A hurricane didn't wipe out your REAL house and half of your family; a burglar didn't break into your REAL house and steal all of your REAL crap.  Just be grateful you have a stupid game to destroy your brain cells.  And you get to start from scratch!  What I said was, "Chill, dude."  
But even better than my relaxed response was Jonas walking out from behind my chair and saying, "Woah...things just got awkward in here."  Zachary didn't think it was funny when I laughed.  I thought it was hilarious.  I love hearing little kids saying big words.  
I guess he isn't so little anymore.  On December 9, Jonas became a humongous 6 year old.  He's grown like 4 inches in the last year.  Do boys always grow so fast?  I don't remember Zach hitting a major growth spurt until this year (at least 6 inches since Sept. 2012).  My daughter has only grown about 2 inches in the last 2 years.  Anyway, I already miss my little Jonas but I'm enjoying how well the new and improved Jonas is doing at school and how hard he works to be better every day.  He no longer wants to be a tree when he grows up, but he still wants to be able to make fire with his hands.  I'll enjoy his adorable young mind for as long as possible.                    

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