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Monday, August 1, 2011

In His Shoes

Quite literally.  My oldest turned 10 on July 10th (pictures to come; if you know me, you know they'll be late as usual).  Golden birthday, yay!  I wasn't allowed to buy him too many presents and I was bummed, but it was probably for the best- kid can't keep his room cleaned to save his life.  He blames it on his siblings but I told him we could make the attic a bedroom just for him...
Anyway, the other night we were hanging out with family and I was sitting beside him.  I looked down at our feet side-by-side, mine bare and his in shoes.  I noticed that they were practically the same size so I asked him to take off his shoe so I could try it on.  

Then I remembered something.  My son's feet STINK.  Something awful.  Anyone know good solutions?  It is seriously rank.  Stinks up his whole room.  (he'd give me his mommy stop look if he knew I was publishing this for the world.)  It's amazing because as far as 10 year old kids go, he smells good.  Even when he hasn't showered for a few days during a stinkin' hot summer he doesn't smell bad, but GAWD those feet!  I'm not really sure how to treat it. 

So he gives me his shoes (I feign dying) and guess what?  They fit!  I can wear my child's shoes.  I wondered years ago when the day would come.  His feet are actually pretty small for a 10 year old, I think.  He's in a 3.5.  I can wear a boy's 3.5.  Before kids I could have fit into his shoes sooner.  I used to wear a 7.5 or 8 but now I'm in anywhere from an 8-9 depending on the brand and type of shoe.   

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