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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Weavers on a Diet! Week...4

Jason is on- I think- his 4th week of diet and exercise.  Still no pictures- sorry.  He's been working out 4-5 times a week at his "cheap" work gym.  $30/month is NOT cheap.  But I'm hoping once he gets into the habit he'll downgrade to a more reasonably priced gym.  Like Planet Fitness with their $10 montly membership or we could upgrade to a family membership at the JCC or something like that.  He's also dieting but still on an Atkin's-style thing.  So I am trying to buy some fish and using his diet as my excuse to buy quinoa, whole grain pasta, brown rice and more veggies that he can't object to eating since he's trying to lose weight.  Win for me! 
I got to try okra for the first time in my jambalaya and no one even noticed this new (and significant- I put in a lot) addition.  They also didn't notice the brown rice replacing the white rice.  Except for Zachary, but he has sensory processing issues so I wasn't surprised.  He's the prince to the Princess and the Pea.    

At the start of Jason's weight loss plan he was at a shocking and scary 289 (he's 5'10).  He was wearing an XXL shirt and those were starting to get tight on him.  He had some nasty man boobies going on.  Pant size- who knows! 
The first week he was let down when he didn't lose anything.  I reminded him that it usually doesn't show up right away and that we would notice it in his clothes before the scale. 
The 2nd week he reported a weight of 279 for a total loss of 10 lbs.  I noticed some chest shrinkage. 
At the end of last week (week 3) he had lost an additional 2lbs for a total weight of 277.  This is the first time I noticed a difference.  He put on a shirt that just a few months ago ceased to fit him.  Size XL!  AND it was loose!  Okay, not loose like it looked like he was swimming but it actually fit him comfortably.  Amazing.  His stomach is still loaded with visceral fat.  That sounds so gross.  He just looks like he has a beer gut with no beer in the fridge as an excuse.  I really need photos.     

So breakdown:
Starting weight: 289
Week 1: 0lb loss= 289
Week 2: 10lb loss= 279
Week 3: 2lb loss= 277
Week 4: coming soon.

Stay tuned!  I promise some embarassing photos.  Since they aren't of me. 

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