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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orville Redenbacher's Lime + Salt Popcorn

I was grocery shopping at Giant yesterday and made my regular popcorn stop.  My kids love popcorn and my 3 year old loves to make it for everyone.  Who am I to argue with one less snack to make?  I am somewhat familiar with my available options and usually select the cheapest.  If two are priced the same I select the one that looks the best at the time.  Besides Jolly Time's Kettle Corn they all taste pretty much the same to me. 
But yesterday I saw something different- maybe the color describing what kind of popcorn it was?  I was looking specifically for a popcorn that would get me my 100 points towards gas and this box was one of them.  Lime + Salt.  New?  I like lime in my salty food so this was a no brainer.  Plus it says "No Artificial Ingredients".  Huh...I'll look into that some more later.  I'm a big fan of healthy foods and try lean more toward the "healthy" processed stuff.  Tossed it into my cart, along with a regular flavor just in case this experiment turned out to be awful. 
Fast forward to today, when I decided to give it a test.  The smell?  YUM.  The flavor?  It's actually very mild but I like it!  It's enough flavor that I don't need any "butter" which is pretty cool.  I won't knock anyone down to grab it but if it stays on the shelves I'll pick it up from time to time. 
How does it measure up to Orville's Movie Theater Butter?  Did you know they add color to buttered popcorn?  Ummm...why?  The Lime+Salt actually has 20 more calories per serving.  Fat is the same, Saturated Fat is better for L+S.  The other noticeable differences are more sodium in L+S and way more Potassium in the Movie Theater Butter. 

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