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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jonas Loves Reading

If your kid isn't 3-ish, you don't care what a 3 year old is reading, or you'd rather see what a 10 year old is reading then you can check out Zachary Loves Reading or stay tuned for what my 6 year old daughter loves to read. 

We love books and maybe we have just a few too many in our storage-unfriendly house.  Yet we still go to the library and take out MORE books.  I'm still not sure a Kindle will ever take the place of a real book.  Kids (or maybe just my kids) don't seem to notice the difference between a computer, video game or electronic device of any sort.  I hate to think that they think I'm playing games when I'm really reading.  I want them to love reading and it seems that only a book could really do that. 

On a recent trip Jonas (3 1/2 years old) choose two books to check out.  He is so cute with his seriousness when it's time to chekout our books.  He insists that he hold his card himself and he will patiently and calmly stand in line.  If you know anything about Jo this statement above would make you crack up, or at the very least you would smother a laugh.
I didn't write down the titles or authors of these books.  1 wasn't the least bit memorable- a lesson we learn frequently, but don't get upset over since the library is FREE!  The other he absolutely LOVED.  After I read it to him a few times he read it back to me.  Then he read it to big sis Amara and little brother Henry.  Over and over.  Fortunately it was a good book and they didn't mind.   

It was called "I Feel a Foot!" 
  I Feel a Foot!
and is about some animal friends sleeping in the woods.  They wake up after Turtle hears a sound and go off to investigate.  They all are trying to figure out what it is they have found in the dark and all have their own ideas.  It's fun, colorful, creative and easy to read.  It's not long so kids won't get bored.  Important for jumpy, active children!  Jonas and I definitely recommend this book. 

Another one of Jo's abso. favorite books is called "Dinosaurs Love Underpants".Dinosaurs Love Underpants 

We have read this book into destruction- I seriously need to re-staple all the pages back together and tape some tears.  I'm not sure he'll ever tire of it.  When you first open the book there are a whole bunch of pairs of underpants and each time we read it we choose our favorite pair.  The story has a lot of rhyming words and is about how cavemen were tired of not having clothes so they made underwear.  The dinosaurs loved them so much that they took them and started fighting over them until they were all destroyed (how did you think dinosaurs became extinct???).  Totally fun for dino lovers but if you hope this book will help your potty-hating child then you might be disappointed.  It was why I got the book in the first place- "Hey Jo, these dinosaurs love underpants so much so don't you want to wear them all the time too?"  Nope- didn't happen.  But it's a great book and lots of fun to read again and again.  

We also read "Where the Wild Things Are" a few times but I wasn't that impressed.  Where the Wild Things Are

I thought it would be a totally awesome book but maybe I'm just missing something?  Jonas enjoyed it quite a bit though. 
On the subject of Maurice Sendak, I came across a book once in a grocery store called "Last Night I Dreamed a Circus"
Last Night I Dreamed a Circus

which I bought without even opening (which I've never done).  Just reading the title inspired me to purchase the book for my daughter, who used to wake up and tell me about some insane dreams that she would have.  The stories were fascinating!  I wasn't disappointed and this book absolutely reminded me of her dreams.  This book comes Maurice Sendak- recommended.

What's on your 3 year old childs must-read list?  What were your favorite books as a child? 

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