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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Henry's First Birthday Bash

I've been browsing the web drooling over amazingly adorable baby boy clothing that I want Henry to wear on his first birthday.  I've pictured him in dozens of awesome (and expensive) outfits that he would wear as he smashes his first cake and enjoys opening 1st birthday presents.  And of course we'd get a few oh-so adorable and eco-friendly diapers from gDiaper, Kushies or the likes for his chubby baby belly and legs shots.  (He outgrew his old CDs, which we used part-time and I miss using them!)


gDiapers and oh-so chubby legs!

Not-so-little Guy in Kushies

Alas, I'm broke and hoping the thrift store has something great that shows off those gorgeous dark blue eyes.  The diapers are a must- I need to start shopping around asap!   


I've heard that some stores offer a FREE baby's 1st cake (but I don't like the cake and the icing- yuck).  Again, I've dreamed of a gorgeous, custom-made fondant-covered blue, green (the colors in his outfit) and white cake but I can settle, right? 

Lastly, I wish I could do all of this under the supervision of an amazing photographer (like my mom!) in a gorgeous location.  But again that money thing.  And mom's flash is broken.  Boo!

This is my LAST baby.  My last First Birthday.  My last chance.  And I want to make it special. to do that on a budget of...well, let's just say that free cake is looking better every minute. 

Suggestions on how to make this extra special without selling my soul?! 


  1. You could try to make that perfect cake yourself or you could talk to my mom... she can make wonderful cakes and I know she wouldn't ask much for it! She also has decent photog skills... Just gotta ask! Also, you are the coupon queen online!! Check your various sources for stackable coupon codes for those adorable baby clothes! What size is he wearing anyway? I can look through the stuff around here and on post and see if I can find anything. Good Luck! Can't wait to see how wonderful your party turns out! (And it will!!)

  2. Oh this guy's in 12-18m and 18-24 for some things- he's a BIG boy!! I was thinking of trying to make the cake myself. I did a terrible job the last time though! But they always taste good :) Thank you for the encouragement Heather!