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Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 Month Milestones: This is That and That is This

Henry turned 10 months old on January 30, 2011.  Boy has time gone fast!  Even though he was never small (born at almost 9 and a half pounds) he is still my tiny little baby boy.  I'm only really hit with the reality of how much he's grown when I see younger babies. 

Henry is 10 months old (photo courtesy Grandma Weaver)
 He picked up some new skills during month 9, like stacking blocks, walking (looks like Yoda!), and talking.   Some of his first words were "hot" (we had to teach our kids this word early because we have a gravity furnace that uses a huge grate in the middle of the floor between the living room and dining room.  There isn't much room to go around it to get from one room to the other and there is no way to put a safety up so we had to be proactive!), "dog", "mama", "dada".  He loves to walk up to the heater and yell "oooott!!!". 

His loves: phones, "driving" his toys, balls, balloons, pots and pans, books, the dog's water bowl (he also drives the water bowl!).  He started to understand the word "drink" and shakes his head "no" when he knew he was doing something he wasn't supposed to, like racing to the stairs!

Since he was born he has hated- with a passion- a dirty diaper.  Sometimes brings me a diaper when he has a dirty diaper!  It bothers him a lot.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that he is an early potty trainer (much like his big sis, very UNlike his big brothers!). 

Now at 10 months old he is learning even more words.  His newest favorites are "that" and "this".  He loves to show us something and say "dis" or "dat".  I'll tell him what it is and sometimes he'll try to repeat me, sometimes it is still "dis" or "dat"!  He has started blowing raspberries again- something he picked up a while ago then dropped.

Henry still loves clapping, singing, dancing (especially when his siblings are watching Yo Gabba Gabba) and cuddling.  Mommy is still his favorite person though recently he has started engaging in other people and has become quite friendly to complete strangers!    
One of my most favorite things about him is that when I ask him to bring something to me he does it with enthusiasm.  And he gets VERY upset if you just take that something without asking.  He still loves all the toys I've mentioned earlier but now he also plays fetch.  He will throw a ball and chase after it.  Sometimes he brings the ball to us and if we don't throw it he takes it back and throws it himself! 
He has 7 teeth right now and another one on the bottom looks like it will be popping up soon.  And those EYES!  I love his expressions- you can see so much feeling in his eyes.  And gotta love that deep blue!  I have green eyes, dad has hazel.  My older two boys have hazel and it looks like my daughter's change from green to hazel depending on circumstances.  He also has the best "I'm getting into something" look! 

Happy (belated) 10 months to you, Henry Sebastian!  We love you so much!! 

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