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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bzz: Thomas Bagel Thins a Breakfast Saver

I love to experiment with breakfast.  One of my many favorites is a fried or scrambled egg with cheddar cheese on top, placed on top of half a bagel with cream cheese (shut up- it's not THAT fattening!! ;P).  Sometimes I also like to add veggies to my egg sandwiches.  This gets to be seriously huge- huge in size AND calories.  I can't open my mouth wide enough to bite it and I can feel myself gain weight when I eat one.  But they are SOOO good!

Enter Thomas Bagel Thins.  I was buying these before the Bzz campaign and jumped at the chance to share this awesomeness with anyone that would listen  my friends and online readers.  With Thomas Bagel Thins I can eat my yummy egg sandwich without giving myself a jawache, there is not nearly as big a mess AND I can add my veggies!  There is no collapsing issue with a thinner bagel and I'm still full when I finish half of a Bagel Thin.  Plus I'm getting way less calories in a 110 calorie Bagel Thin.  So far I've only had the whole wheat Bagel Thins and I think they are great.  I can't wait to try the Plain and Everything Bagel Thins!  I'll skip the Cinnamon Raisin- not a fan of raisins here. 

The biggest test was my kids.  They are oh-so picky about everything.  But they loved these!  They (the older three- ages 9, 5 and 3) dove in and devoured them.  Past experience with regular bagels was never so positive!  One had regular cream cheese, one had their bagel with strawberry cream cheese and the other ate his plain (toasted).  They all asked when I was buying more!! 

I'll still buy regular bagels but Thomas Bagel Thins will become a regular on my shopping list for sure. 

I'm a Bzz Agent and I received a free product in exchange for my opinion (Word of Mouth).  Receiving a free product doesn't affect my opinion in any way- my opinion is my own.

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