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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silly Kids

I shared this with my Facebook friends but forgot to blog it.  But charming 3 year old boys must be blogged about! 
One morning I was downstairs enjoying my coffee.  The two older kids were at school and the two younger ones were sleeping in our bedroom with dad.  Suddenly I heard 3 year old Jonas talking.  I mean, really talking- going on and on about something.  He was singing a song then he shouted and mumbled.  I ran upstairs to check on him..and he was asleep!!! 
This is the first time he really talked in his sleep.  His older sister Amara used to scream in her sleep and she still fights with her siblings in her sleep.  Tattling and everything, lol!  Anyway, I went back downstairs because everyone was still sleeping soundly.  
About 5-10 minutes later he actually did wake up.  When I heard him on the baby monitor I went up and walked in the door.  He jumped up on the bed and yelled, "Surprise!  I woke up baby Henry with a Cock-a-doodle-doooo.  Now, let's eat!!  

That kid cracks me up! 

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