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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who Says Minivans Aren't Cool???

Well...THEY aren't cool!  I read an article in the newspaper about research saying that moms still think minivans are uncool.  I have a minivan.  It's by necessity, yes but it's also one of my most favorite purchases EVER.
I. Love. Minivans.  Always have.  I have an older sister but she is 11 years older so a minivan never came into question for just the two of us.  
I remember my 3 cousins having a minivan and I was so jealous.  5 different seats to choose from?  Uhhh...super fabulous.  There were 3 rows!  THREE ROWS!  I could have had a totally cool fort in a minivan.  Or pretended that I was in a cavernous space ship.  I could have easily changed into my ballet clothes, the ones that I refused to wear until the absolute last minute.  I could have changed seats on every trip!  My 7 year old world would have rocked in a minivan.  
My 16 year old self kind of loved sports cars, especially after my friend taught me how to drive a stick (forever will appreciate that golden bit of knowledge).  But a small part of me was thinking how awesome it would be to be able to cart around tons of friends all at once.  Road trip anyone?  EVERYone?!  Not in my 2-seater for sure (though I loved that car too).   
I had a kid.  Had to get rid of 2-seater and all I could think about was the MINIVAN.  Unfortunately one kid and not a lot of money means no minivan. But I was always looking them up online, checking out the specs and drooling over the pictures.  
2 kids and a dog later and the minivan was feeling like a necessity and not just a want.  Even in our midsized sedan we couldn't fit the 3 car/booster seats properly so we went shopping!  
Still being broke  on a limited income we basically had to take what we could get but decided on a slightly pricey vehicle- on which we had to make payments.  I'd rather spend more on a better car than on cell phones/cable/expensive whatevers, waiting in the cold and/or heat with our kids and broken car.  We didn't search long- they are readily available and we were willing buyers.  One evening we went home in our brand new (to us) Dodge Grand Caravan!  It even had magical stuff like heated front seats, automatic doors, stow-and-go seating and a dvd player!  

We bought this in...July 2008.  Still have it, still love it.  And guess what?  I don't feel uncool.  I don't feel old.  I feel like I found my car and I love it.  It only took 20-something years.  :)

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