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Monday, January 10, 2011

Henry's Wobbling!

Henry took his very first step on December 23, 2010.  After that it seemed he decided he wasn't ready any more because the majority of the time he held on as he made his way around the house.  But not today!  Today he was toddling everywhere.  It's so darn cute to see them wobbling with their short, chubby legs!  Whenever I saw him I cheered him on and he would get so exciting, bouncing, clapping and plopping down on his bottom.  I just want to eat him up!!! 

So even though his official start date for his first step is the 23rd I will say that his first day of really walking is January 10, 2011.  And what a great birthday present for ME!  It's a day early, but I don't mind.  I'd rather be surprised a day early than not surprised at all :D



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