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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You Toys R Us!!

I shopped at Toys R Us a lot this season, for multiple birthdays and Christmas.  They had some of the greatest deals on things that we wanted ($127 for the Imaginarium Train Table after tax!!!) and I actually remembered that I had a reward card for them.  They had an awesome promotion going on- 10% back in rewards (select items were NOT included like diapers, formula, Leap Frog) with your FREE Rewards R Us card. 

What did this mean?  It meant that I got back $27 in rewards that I will be able to use for future in-store shopping (see below)!!!  This should come just in time for Henry's FIRST birthday!  Thank you for an awesome program Toys R Us :)  


Now there is some fine print.  For instance, their reward periods run for a certain time (so rewards DO expire) and you have to spend a minimum amount of money to start earning.  But the benefits are numerous.  You can earn points on in-store and online purchases, you can request retro credit if you forgot your card, it's totally free and you have the opportunity to score some free stuff!

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